Is Coffee Bad Breath causing you oral havoc?

If you enjoy drinking coffee as much as I do, finding out this seemingly innocent indulgence is up there with eating garlic and onions in causing bad breath, will no doubt come as quite a blow. For me going out the door first thing in the morning to face the world without having had at least one cup of freshly brewed coffee, is akin to leaving home without pants on. It just isn’t done.

Give Bad Breath the Brush-Off

If like most of my family and friends, even after learning the bad news that your simple pleasure could be the cause of a fairly socially unacceptable condition called halitosis, it won’t change your coffee habit in the slightest. However, it might have you seriously thinking about treatment of the problem so you can have your coffee and not have to worry about the breath monster escaping your mouth and causing people to drop like sprayed flies before your very eyes.

Now that I know drinking coffee can give me bad breath, I certainly have stepped up my commitment to brushing and flossing my teeth. For added insurance against offending others and embarrassing myself, I have also taken up chewing mints and sugarless gum to freshen my breath whenever I don’t have access to water or a toothbrush straight after I eat or share a coffee with work colleagues or clients.

Recently I learnt a little trick from an associate on how to avoid bad breath when I am dining out. Do eat the parsley garnish on the plate. Apparently it isn’t there just to make your meal look attractive. It’s put there to freshen your breath and combat any bad odours from food like fish or garlic.

Bad Breath Home Remedies

Also he told me not to push aside the after dinner mint that comes with the coffee. Apparently it isn’t served on a side plate with your coffee just in case you’re still hungry. Its purpose is to neutralize any offensive odors that might have been left on your breath after enjoying the restaurant’s cuisine. It’s an insurance policy if you like to ensure the patrons have an enjoyable evening and will all still be friends and lovers so they return again.

Mouthwash too is something new I have taken to using daily after my last dental check-up. I must confess I don’t like gargling with the stuff much, but my dentist reckons it has high merits as far as combating plaque build-up and should be included in everyone’s oral hygiene routine. He insists it is the most effective treatment against bad bacteria that forms in my mouth after eating acid foods like sugar or milk products and of course partaking of my favorite pick-me-up coffee. This bad bacteria he pointed out, is actually what causes bad breath.

Anyway I know it sounds like I am pretty busy these days just keeping my breath in check. But let me assure you, all in all I consider it is a small price to pay to be able to enjoy the pleasure of a wonderful social custom that is popular the world over. Let me ask you; is there anything better in life than taking time out to share a good brew of coffee with friends?

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