Does your cat have a bad breath problem?

While some people think bad breath only applies to humans, it’s a fact that many cats and dogs suffer with bad breath as well. Bad breath in cats can be an indication of dental problems, or it can often be a symptom of a more serious medical problem in your feline. It is always best to determine the cause of your cat’s bad breath, not only so you can eliminate it, but in case there is a serious medical condition that needs to be addressed at once by your vet.

Bad Breath: Sign of Illness?

Cats, just like dogs, can develop tartar build up around the bottom of their teeth. Once a cat has eaten all his food, particles will remain in his mouth, even after he gets a drink of water. When the food particle begin to decompose, your cat’s mouth will become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Within a few hours, bacteria can turn into plaque, and this will in turn play a huge role in your feline’s dental hygiene. If the plaque in your cat’s mouth goes uncontrolled, not only can it cause bad breath, but it can also cause your cat to lose its teeth prematurely.

Feline leukemia has also been linked to bad breath in cats. In order to know whether or not this is the cause of your cat’s bad breath, a vet will need to perform some tests and screenings. If the tests come back that the cat does not have feline leukemia, other medical disorders will then be considered.

Resorptive dental disease is another condition that is known to cause feline bad breath. It is a condition that is present deep in the cavities of the cat’s teeth. This disease can lead to the exposure of the teeth roots, as well as loss of teeth and bad breath.

Why Does My Cat’s Breath Stink

Older cats can develop medical conditions that may possibly affect the way their breath smells. Kidney and liver failure are two conditions that can cause bad breath in your feline. Only a vet can determine whether organ failure is the cause of your cat’s bad breath. A vet can also address the special needs your cat will require if he is experiencing organ failure.

It is very important to pay close attention to your cat’s breath. In doing so you are enabling yourself to take care of medical or dental problems before they become too far progressed.

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