Breast feeding baby – what are the real advantages?

There’s a baby on the way and you have so many decisions to make – one that never ceases to keep raging on and on is, “shall I bottle feed or breast feed?”

You may have heard the old saying – breastfed is best fed!

If the animal kingdom is anything to go by then breastfeeding must be good – you see plenty of bouncing, healthy puppies and calves running around and not too many of them are bottle fed.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom

When you think about it there are many advantages to breast feeding your baby rather than using formula milk. Just for starters – breast milk is so much more convenient and of course it’s free so that’s a big saving.

If you are a family on a tight budget – and so many are these days – you can probably save yourself around $100 per month just by breastfeeding – and don’t forget as baby grows and eats more the cost goes up and up.

One of the best advantages of breast milk is the unique goodness it provides for baby. Generally speaking breast fed babies are healthier than those on formula. This is because antibodies from the nursing mother are transferred through her milk to the baby.

Scientifically, breast milk is the best you can provide for your little one. There are nutrients in mothers’ milk to help your child’s brain develop, that contain live cells, antibodies that avert infections, enzymes and hormones. Try as they might, formula makers cannot replicate these vital nutrients.

Some evidence is also available to indicate that breast fed baby’s have a reduced incidence of gas (wind), tummy upsets, allergies, ear and respiratory infections. Many medical experts are known to agree that breast feeding also helps the mother stay far healthier.

In today’s busy and frenetic world a lot of mothers who have decided to feed their baby’s with formula will argue they felt tied to their baby and were unable to have the freedom they desired.  But there is a solution.

Have you ever heard of a breast pump?

Some may feel this is not really a valid argument but it does have many advantages like being able to store your own milk until it is required rather than having to use the formulated variety – which in the end is what you want for your baby – nothing but the best.

And here is another real chore – preparing bottled milk. You have to be really vigilant in your preparation and ensure all bottles and teats etc are properly sterilized for the correct amount of time, then you have to measure the milk and make sure the prepared bottle is cooled to the correct temperature. When your baby is breast fed, the milk is literally on tap; it’s kept at the correct temperature in your breasts, and there is no risk of the milk being contaminated.

Another important fact is breast milk is excellent for the development of the baby’s brain. The mothers’ breast milk contains fatty acids which are essential for the development of brain tissue. This has to be something that’s well worth considering.

Talk to lots of mothers who have successfully breastfed their kids and you will find they have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would most certainly repeat the process. They look at as investment they have made to make sure a loving bond has been created between them and their baby forever.

Lastly, breast milk is designed to be exactly the right kind of food any baby should be having. One of the best things about breastfeeding your baby is the contact you have to make with them so they can feed correctly. This is one of the great pleasures of breast feeding – it guarantees that baby has the contact they so desperately need with their mother at this early stage in their life.

I hope this information helps you make the right decision about breastfeeding.

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