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Do you know the different Types of Asthma?

What do you think would be one of the scariest feelings in the world for you? When you cannot breathe! Just imagine how that would feel! Now think of this…when…

Do You Know the Symptoms of Childhood Asthma?

All responsible parents are totally devoted to their kids. Caring and nurturing is all part of the scene. Looking after their health is also a vital part of parenting. But…

Breastfeeding and the benefits of a breast pump.

Breastfed babies are ten times less likely to be hospitalized with gastro-enteritis in the early months than babies who are fed formula. Breast milk contains the correct proportion of the…

Does your cat have a bad breath problem?

While some people think bad breath only applies to humans, it’s a fact that many cats and dogs suffer with bad breath as well. Bad breath in cats can be…